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Do you need real estate photography in grand rapids or west michigan? We offer real estate photography! Learn more about what we offer below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do drone photos?

Yes we do! All drone photos are 48mp and HD in quality. Drone photos however are not included in the base home option, and are a add-on to any real estate shoot. Do you want one or five drone photos? We even offer drone video as well!

What about video?

Just like drone photography, video is an added option to any photography package. Video footage is all in 4k and includes the interior as well as drone footage. If you are curious about having video footage done for your home, consider getting a quote. Since videos range anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes because of home size, it’s best to reach out about your needs.

What is Included in Real Estate Photography?

Our Real Estate Photography is based on your goals and desires. Our real estate photography is a customizable experience that we want to tailor to you and the home. For this reason, I encourage anyone interested to email us for a quote or fill out the form below. Getting a quote doesn’t cost you a penny, so what is there to lose!

How Much Does Event Photography Cost?

Because each home is different in size, and each person has different needs, we tailor each session to the home and customer. The cost cannot be determined until we talk to you! Get a photography quote by filling out the form below.