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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automotive Photography?

Automotive photography is many things to many people. It is growing up with your father’s Fox-Body Mustang and capturing it in the heart of Detroit to hang up in your garage. It is capturing a 240sx spewing smoke from the tires while going sideways. Automotive photography is capturing the essence and the art of the vehicle.

Having something to show off on your Instagram, show to your friends, or hang on your wall. The goal is to capture the pride and happiness you have for your car in a photo or video.

What is Included?

What we include in automotive photography is based on your goals and desires. Our photography is a customizable experience, where we tailor each session to you and your vehicle. For this reason, we encourage anyone interested in automotive photography to email me for a quote or fill out the form below. It doesn’t cost you anything to get a quote, so what is there to lose?

For media events, such as GridLife, contact me to let me know your needs and we will work it out together!

How Much Does Automotive Photography Cost?

Because we tailor each session to the car and customer, the cost cannot be determined until we talk to you! Get an automotive photography quote by filling out the form below.